After winning the People's Choice Award
8.28.06 - Tony Shalhoub and his Emmy.

3.2.06 - Should Crumbs crumble, Eddie McClintock will join Bruno Campos in NBC's comedy about brothers on opposite sides of the law.

9.15.03 - From TV Guide Online: Throughout the first season of Less Than Perfect, ABC's daffy and endearing post-millennial Mary Tyler Moore Show, fans watched and winced as plucky heroine Claude (Sara Rue) made one misstep after another on the road to true love. First there was her unrequited crush on egocentric boss Will. Then her romance with Charlie from Travel went nowhere. But, executive producer Christine Zander tells TV Guide Online, Cupid's aim may be about to improve.

"We have a great episode that we'll be doing where Claude does one of those things," she teases. "She posts what she's been doing [working under a well-respected network anchorman] and she's a little proud of it, so she gets a little flashy and it gets responses.

"One of them," she continues, "is from the most popular guy in her high school."

Easy-on-the-eyes sitcom vet Eddie McClintock – late of A.U.S.A. and Stark Raving Mad – has landed the plum part. However, the big man on campus, it turns out, isn't livin' quite so large anymore. "He's not doing too well professionally," Zander explains. Even his biggest cheerleader has put down her pompoms. "Claude feels like his flame burned out after high school."

Nonetheless, sparks fly when the former schoolmates connect. "He comes to town, and they have a date," Zander confirms. And here's the best part: "For the first time ever, Claude is able to be charming and witty and funny in front of this guy who in high school just made her crumble." In other words, she's gonna make it after all.

5.15.03 - Eddie McClintock's new comedy, The Opposite Sex, has been picked up by UPN for the fall season. It will air on Mondays at 8:30pm ET.

7.11.02 - TV Guide Online: Tony Shalhoub's Mind Games - It's a big week in the life of actor Tony Shalhoub. For starters, Men in Black II, in which he plays a wall-eyed alien with replaceable heads, is the nation's No. 1 film. And come Friday, his offbeat mystery series, Monk, debuts on USA Network (9 pm/ET)....

3.5.02 - USA Network has given a 11 episode order to a comedy/mystery series called Monk, starring Tony Shalhoub in the title role, Bitty Schram and Ted Levine. The show focuses around a detective, who aside from being completely brilliant, is also somewhat of an obsessive compulsive. Monk is scheduled to premiere this summer, one of two series launches this summer. For more info, see

2.6.01 - New pilot at CBS is called Heart Department from creators Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman (Party of Five) and produced by Columbia Tristar. First person cast is Tony Shalhoub who plays one of three key characters -- a psychiatrist who works with psychiatric and cardiac patients. The other two main characters, a female cardiologist and an older male surgeon, have not been cast yet.

5.15.00 - "Stark Raving Mad" has been officially cancelled by NBC.

5.12.00 - Variety predicts that NBC will be cancelling "Stark Raving Mad." NBC will give the official word on Monday, May 15th.

4.19.00 - Look for Neil Patrick Harris to guest star on the May 2nd episode of "Will & Grace."

3.27.00 - Look for Harriet Sansom Harris (Audrey Radford) back on "Frasier" as Bebe, Frasier's agent.

3.6.00 - Last Tuesday, March 2nd, encased in a night of mostly repeats, "Stark Raving Mad" earned its lowest rating ever for an original episode (12.9 million viewers).

2.18.00 - I don't know why NBC keeps doing it, but they've pulled the last few episodes of "Stark Raving Mad" at the last minute, and have now put it on a small February sweeps hiatus until March 2nd.

2.18.00 - Look for Neil Patrick Harris in the soon-to-be-released film "The Next Best Thing" starring Madonna.

2.15.00 - NBC is talking about pulling "Stark Raving Mad" from their schedule for the rest of February sweeps, although they have not yet made a definitive move. They have mentioned that they're interested in using the time slot to try out their new comedy, "Battery Park."

1.10.00 - "Stark Raving Mad" won a People's Choice Award for Favorite New Television Comedy Series.

12.15.99 - Look for Tony Shalhoub in the upcoming movie, "Galaxy Quest," coming to theaters Saturday, December 25th.

11.29.99 - "Stark Raving Mad" has been picked up for a full season by NBC.

9.20.99 - The producers of "Stark Raving Mad" have issued a statement explaining that she show will not portray the mentally ill in a negative light. "In fact, our show doesn't portray characters with mental illness at all. Our lead characters are not mentally ill, but merely eccentric," executive producer Steven Levitan says.