Season 1, Episode 6: Fish Out of Water

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Written by Jeffrey Richman, Directed by Ted Wass

Special guest star Harriet Sansom Harris as Audrey Radford

Chris Sarandon as Cesar

Guest starring Tim Conlon as Danny Tutor, Millicent Martin as Katie Randall

Co-starring A.T. Montgomery as waiter


"What's wrong with your phone?" -Henry
"It's keeps ringing." -Ian
"It stops ringing when you answer it." -Henry
"Also when you smash it with a hammer." -Ian

"You must have really been out of it, you bought two of the same dress." -Jake
"Usually I'm a size 4, but I'm hoping with all this throwing up I'll get into a size 2." -Tess

"Okay, I'm not playing any games." -Maddie
"How about 'Drink until Henry sounds interesting.' That's what I'm gonna play." - "Now, what can we get you to drink?" -Audrey
"Boy, it's nice when someone asks me that for a change. I'm a bartender." -Maddie
"In New York and we haven't met? You must be new." -Audrey

"Wow, it's flaming." -Henry
"Yeah, and the cheese is on fire." -Ian

"Would you care for some oysters? They just got shucked, the lucky devils." -Audrey

"I'm going to be black-listed thanks to you and your fish shananigans." -Henry
"Shenanigans? Just come out and say it, Henry. You think I'm a hooligan, don't you? Up to some... up to some tom foolery." -Ian

"Somehow I'll get blamed for all this..." -Henry
"Skull duggery." -Ian
"Stop it!" -Henry

"What is that bar girl doing in my dress?" -Tess
"Filling it out, honey." -Maddie

"Am I crazy or are you gay?" -Ian
"You're crazy!" -Cesar

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