Season 1, Episode 5: The Lyin' King

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Written by Brian Buckner & Sebastian Jones, Directed by Gail Mancuso

Guest starring Margaret Welsh as Lori, Rob Moore as Igor

Co-starring Anastasia Emmons as young Lori, Christopher Riccio as young Henry, Edward Luhn as guy at bar<


"People do mean things." -Henry
"This wasn't so mean." -Ian
"Not just this. I'm talking about people who scare little eight-year-old kids and traumatize them so bad they have panic attacks and sleep disorders and an inability to go away to camp." -Henry
"Wow, Henry, what happened to you?" -Ian

"I was so scared I could never go trick-or-treating again. I can't even look at bite-sized candy." -Henry

"I find large women make generous lovers." -Jake

"Bees, bees, there's a lot you can do with bees." -Ian

"Just burn the couch and lock up when you're done." -Ian

"Relax, it's almost here." -Henry
"How the hell do you know?" -Lori
"'Cause it's getting grosser." -Henry


Ian concocts an elaborate Halloween scare to help Henry get back at his cousin Lori for a childhood prank, but it turns out that Lori is pregnant, and when the prank is successful she goes into labor. Ian is extremely uncomfortable with the situation, and Henry gets down and dirty as his cousin gives birth. There's a head... and an arm... and another arm... and another arm! Henry grabs the mutant baby and throws the rubber toy at Ian, who catches it in shock. Lori calmly gets up, she and Henry wish Ian a happy Hallowe'en, and walk out. Ian is left in shock from the incredible prank they played on him.

Maddie, dressed as mother nature for Hallowe'en, meets a man named Bob dressed as Igor. She agrees to go out with him, and then Jake suggests that perhaps the hump of his costume isn't fake. She tries to surreptitiously touch the hump, and Bob catches her. He calls of the date, and she says she really doesn't want to call off the date, and the hump doesn't matter at all. He says okay, and then assures her that the hump is fake. She is relieved, and then he gets off his bar stool and walks out the door and it turns out he's only about three feet tall.

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