Season 1, Episode 4: Four Colds and a Funeral

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Written by Eric Zicklin, Directed by Gail Mancuso

Special guest star Harriet Sansom Harris as Audrey Radford

Guest starring Jeremiah Morris as Professor Huggles

Lorna Raver as Mrs. Huggles


"To this day, whenever I'm scared of something, like the handprints on a subway pole, or raw halibut, I just think of the last line of that story." -Henry

"In case you hadn't noticed, I don't go around hugging people. I'm protestant." -Henry

"You didn't use a gun or knife,
but surely, sir, you took his life." -Ian
"Would you cut that out?" -Henry
"If you hadn't let him get so near ya,
he wouldn't have died from your bacteria." -Ian
"Please, Ian, would you show some respect? My childhood hero just died." -Henry
"No one's denied the man just died.
His death is surely bonafide.
But you must confide, he wouldn't have died
if you hadn't committed homicide." -Ian


Ian has a cold, and although Henry tries his best not to, he catches it. He is on his way home early from work, when his boss tells him that she's having lunch with the firm's new author, Professor Huggles. It turns out that Professor Huggles is Henry's favorite childhood author, and Henry joins them for lunch. He tells Professor Huggles about how much he loved his books, and even quotes one back to him. Professor Huggles is so overcome that he hugs Henry. A week later, Henry hears on the news that Professor Huggles died... from compliations from the common cold. Henry is overcome with guilt, and starts having nightmares that Kyle the Kite, one of Professor Huggles's characters, is attacking him in his sleep. Ian and Jake mock Henry, until Henry reminds Ian that he is partly responsible for the beloved author's death. Henry decides he is going to go to the funeral and ask the widow's forgiveness, and Ian joins him after meeting Kyle the Kite in last night's nightmare. At the funeral, they run into one of Professor Huggles grandchildren who thinks she killed her grandfather because she sneezed on him while he was reading to her while she was sick. They comfort the little girl, and realize how silly they are being. And, they figure, she probably killed him, so they're off the hook.

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