Season 1, Episode 3: Sometimes a Fritter is Just a Fritter

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Written by David A. Goodman, Directed by Ted Wass

Guest starring Sabrina Boudot as Renska


"I have arm-length issues that cannot be addressed in this country." -Henry

"What's kishka?" -Tess
"I have no idea, but it sounds good." -Henry
"No it doesn't. Creme brulee sounds good. Kishka sounds like something you'd have burned off with a laser." -Tess

"I named a character after Mickey the midget down at the newsstand, I don't have a thing for him." -Ian
"Don't call him a midget. He likes to be called a little person." -Henry
"Oh yeah, I'll bet that makes his day." -Ian

"Hello, Ian." -Tess
"Hello, cupcake." -Ian

"I swear, I am not putting another thing in my mouth for a week." -Tess
"Have a nice night, Henry." -Ian

"It's a philosophy class, so I just applied my personal philosophy to the test." -Jake
"You have a philosophy?" -Henry
"Yeah. Always sit next to the Korean kid." -Jake

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