Season 1, Episode 16: Secrets & Lies

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Rating: 8.1


Written by Jeffrey Richman
Directed by David Lee

Guest starring
Nick Cornish as Pryce


Ian: "Sometimes I just type pages and pages of words which Henry cleverly arranges into sentences and paragraphs."

Price: "That's an interesting name. Short for Madeline?"
Maddie: "Actually, my real name's Margaret, but as a kid I was always mad at something so my parents gave me the nickname."
Henry: "Gosh, are the movie rights available to that story?"

Maddie: "Maybe we could go out and a have a drink sometime."
Price: "Yeah! In six months when I turn 21."

Henry: "Sometimes it's like you're two different people."
Ian: "That's three less than I used to be."

Maddie: "Did they beat people up at a fancy college like Yale?"
Henry: "Oh yeah."

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