Season 1, Episode 13: My Bodyguard

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Rating: 10.6


Written by Gayle Abrams, Directed by Steven Levitan

Special guest star Jamie Kennedy as Doobs

Guest starring J.P. Manoux as Lewis

Co-starring Loren Lazerine as loser guy, Jack Brewer as Kevin, Dan Gerrity as mugger


"You put the sass in sassy." -Rory
"Keep drinkin', you put the ass in plastered." -Maddie

"So what's it gonna take for me to get you home?" -Rory
"Chloroform and a duffle bag." -Maddie

"Doobs took a loafer to the lunch meat." -Jake

"She came back down to earth when she got on the subway and sat on something we're still hoping was pudding." -Henry about Tess

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