Season 1, Episode 10: Coffin to Go

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Rating: 11.5/18

--> Credits

Written by Lyn Greene & Richard Levine, Directed by Ted Wass

Guest starring Valerie Curtain as Ms. Underhill

Co-starring Johnny O'Neill as corpse


"...even has that new coffin smell." -Ian
"I suppose it's better than the old coffin smell." -Henry

"The coffins are reserved for the deceased." -Ms. Underhill
"How will I know if it's comfortable?" -Ian
"We've never had any complaints." -Ms. Underhill

"Well, there it is. A coffin. A coffin in the living room." -Henry
"You gotta love the irony." -Ian

"What did I tell you about furniture shopping without me or a gay friend?" -Maddie to Ian

"Who's gonna steal a corpse?" -Ian
"Are you kidding? This is New York. By tomorrow he'll be turning on a rotisserie at the Ninth Avenue food fair." -Henry

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